Wai Ora (Healthy Waters), Madills and Waiata Stream

Te Ngahere has been involved with these  Wai Ora/Healthy Waters Ōrākei Local Board projects since 2015 (Madills Farm Recreational Reserve and 2016 (Waiata Reserve). These programmes aim to protect and enhance freshwater systems and coastal areas. A common method of reducing contaminants from land runoff is to plant along stream sides to filter contaminants before they reach the stream with the added benefit of stabilising banks. Te Ngahere has utilised this approach in our restoration plans along Waiata Stream and Madills Stream. Both sites have included preparation of restoration plans, pest plant control, planting preparation, plant maintenance and support at annual community planting days with Conservation Volunteers New Zealand (CVNZ).

A restoration plan was prepared by a Te Ngahere ecologist in 2015 focusing on the stream along the eastern boundary of the site. This included an assessment of the current condition of the habitats present and recommendations for pest plant control and appropriate native riparian planting schedules.

At Waiata Reserve restoration initially followed a planting plan prepared by another contractor, but from 2019, Te Ngahere have been implementing our own restoration plan prepared by one of our ecologists.

Our pest plant control and planting of these sites has increased:

  • The continuity of the native riparian corridor along these streams with the aim of improving habitat and water quality
  • Community awareness of conservation of their local stream catchment

Due to the work ethic of Te Ngahere staff we gained the opportunity to prepare and implement our own restoration plan for 2015 onwards at Madills Stream and for 2019 onwards for Waiata Stream. This includes a thorough weed control programme and continuation of planting native species to enhance the health of the freshwater streams.