Motukorea/Browns Island Weed Control

Browns Island, Motokorea is a recent addition to Auckland Council’s Regional Park list. It is a small island in the Hauraki Gulf and one of the best preserved volcanoes within the Auckland volcanic field. Due to a rich history of land use, from cultivation and pa sites (defensive settlements) to farming, little native bush remains except along the northern-eastern cliffs.

Te Ngahere has been engaged by Auckland Council to restore the remaining bush to a native state through selective weed control and supporting natural regeneration of native species. This includes assisting experienced abseilers to control across the steep and dangerous terrain along the cliffs. A threatened plant, Euphorbia glauca, is within our work zone. Our staff pay very special care in this area to ensure there are no adverse affects from herbicide use. This is part of our company visions; we use the lowest toxicity option in efforts to prioritise ecosystem health and protect native species.

Notable species which are controlled include: