What We Do

Te Ngahere is a company that is passionate and committed to restoring and protecting NZ's biodiversity and native environment. We have significant experience in ecological restoration of environments from the mountains to the sea. We are committed to delivering high quality restoration plans, assessments, implementation of physical works, maintenance and project management.

Ecological Restoration

Te Ngahere are specialists in the ecological restoration of a wide range of NZ's habitats. Our teams have significant experience in the field and are passionate about the environment they work in. We achieve effective and efficient outcomes that enhance and restore the ecosystem with respect to its health, integrity, sustainability and cultural values. We do this through our Ecological Division who specialise in:

  • Ecological restoration of native and non-native habitats
  • Pest plant and animal control
  • Native plantings
  • Site preparation for planting
  • Ongoing plant maintenance
  • Community restoration projects and liaison
  • Working with  and overseeing volunteers
  • Biosecurity surveillance and management
  • GPS use, track logging and mapping of areas we work in
  • Lowest toxicity policy and a carefully balance of the use of herbicides with best practice outcomes

Weiti Planting Day


  • Surveillance and monitoring for invasive species – involved in myrtle rust surveillance, Fruit fly 2015
  • Undertake organism management
  • National Biosecurity Capability Network members – capable of fulfilling biosecurity response roles from field based roles to those in a regional control centre
  • Experienced in biosecurity responses and working under a Coordinated Incident Management System (CIMS) structure
  • Pest plant and animal control
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Ecological Assessments and Surveys

Te Ngahere undertakes ecological assessments and surveys for a range of clients and habitats including forest, riparian, wetland and coastal ecosystems. We are able to supply the following assessments and surveys:

  • Ecological assessments and peer reviews for resource consents
  • Surveying significant or threatened species distribution including:
    • North Island brown kiwi (Apteryx mantelli)
    • Pekapeka/North Island long-tailed bat (Chalinolobus tuberculatus “North Island”)
    • Native musk (Thyridia repens)
    • Sea sedge (Carex litorosa)
    • Turnip-rooted geranium (Geranium retrorsum)
  • GIS mapping including:
    • Mapping the extent of vegetation types to determine significance based on species present and threat status (Singers et al, 2017)
    • Weed surveys to map weed infestations and guide weed management
  • Bird surveys including waders and wetland birds to identify roosting, nesting and foraging habitats
  • Pest animal monitoring and data analysis
  • Bat surveys using both hand-held and automatic bat detector and recording devices

We are also able to organise specialist services outside of these areas, including:

  • Drone surveys of inaccessible areas for weed surveys
  • Herpetofauna (reptile and frog) surveys and management plans
  • Freshwater surveys (macroinvertebrates and fish)
Ecological Assessment

Restoration and Mitigation Plans

Te Ngahere undertakes restoration and mitigation plans for private clients for resource consent and for Auckland Council. This includes restoring forest, riparian, wetland and coastal habitats. These plans can include:

  • Restoration plans
  • Planting plans, including selecting appropriate native species, mapping and providing information on species to volunteers
  • Pest plant and animal management plans
  • Covenant management plans
  • Monitoring of restoration projects
  • Project management of restoration sites
  • Delivery of the operational ecological restoration services outlined in these plans
Casp Density Map

Te Ngahere has more than 25 years experience in ecological restoration services